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Our first jointly planned fat bike trip hasn’t started yet but we’ve managed to check in on a very spontaneous adventure… and we did that on… fatbikes.

words: Sebastian Pawłowski / photos: Adam Klimek

The plan was simple as opening a beer can: I fly over, we meet, we pack the stuff and off we go to Góry Stołowe (Table Mountains) to test what the given gear could withstand. In other words: a typical winter bikepacking trip on fatty bikes with a sleepover away from the civilised world.

None of us like to overcomplicate things so we draw a basic schedule for Saturday: we will drive to Karłów in the morning, put the bikes together once there, load them with all the gear we can have and off we go up the mountain to test the equipment in the conditions close to what we expect on our next planned trip. On Sunday morning we would pack the camp up and head down to the start line of a fatbike race – a very first Fatbike Race in Poland.


Last morning, four days after our first post, we received an email from one of four readers pointing out that camping is forbidden in the area. Having analysed the rules of Table Mountains National Park, it turns out the authors were right about it. At this point we we ask our subscribers to note that camping as well as probably cycling is forbidden in Błędne Skały area. We apologize the management at Table Mountains National Park for the unfortunate situation.

We arrived to Karłów late in the evening and it was around midnight when we got ourselves to Błędne Skały (The Labyrinth Rocks). Quick scoop around and it was obvious for us that we need to adjust our Farleys in order to keep moving forward…
It wasn’t easy but it was awesome!
We were hanging around Labyrinth Rocks for a while till we found a perfect spot to set our base camp
Food! Shockingly good spinach and cheese pasta from Lyo Food and Dried Beef.
Misty good morning!
Seba is putting himself together and Lukasz taking care of the morning coffee. If you planning to put the tent up in similar conditions we really recommend using your bike to stretch it as in most cases there is little chance to use the pins with the deep snow
The other side view over the camp
Interactive 360 degree panoramic view of our camp. Happy skinny fatbike rockers at the forefront (click on the picture to see the 360 panoramic)
One of the consideration while choosing a place for a camp should be how can you adapt it to your needs. Here you can see our kitchen table and a helmet shelve
Temporary roof over our heads and Seba contemplating the compression properties of a sleeping bag
Packing in, packing up… at this stage we were still heading down for the race.
Before you pack your tent up, make sure that you cleaned it and there is no debris, snow or leftovers left inside
Almost ready….
And off we went… this time I won’t feed you – even though I’d love to – with a tirade about how magical and beautiful that place is
Poetry of white… and orange
Catching the flow was only for the most patient, and attentive riders. In other words: skills pay off here in double rate
Strong legs is a one thing, but to move rocks you need strong arms too
At some point we realised that we won’t make it over to the race so we’ve decided that we will make the most of the surroundings and enjoy our nourishing breakfast…
…and melt some snow for our coffees
They’re saying that real people of the mountains live on protein…another pack of mouth watering beef gone
Another interactive 360 panoramic view. Klimek will take chance at every stop brake to make one (click on the picture to see the 360 panoramic)
As there were many tide passes on our route we had to take our stabilizers off
Should I pull or push?
Lift it up, tilt to the side, little bit down and…wait! My bag got stuck! Okay we got through without taking off the pedals
Last gentle touch…before goodbye
Wide open space!
We left the amazing Labyrinth Rocks behind. A truly breath taking place worth that few scratches and scuffs left on our bikes and gear

As we closed the rocky chapter we’ve entered into a world of winter land tales

The white Mordor – mean and unpredictable
After getting through the Labyrinth Rocks it felt great to ride a distance again…
…we were riding…
…and riding…
It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, we had our moments too
Seba and his attitude to slow biking – if there is a chance and conditions, then shred the f*ck out of it!
Hitting the tree with a beard didn’t took the smile of this face…
Everything looked magical around here
Down in the village they’re saying that with a bit of luck you might find some truffles here
Last minute picture at the Start line, right before the organizers took it all down
Joy, beers and…bananas! Pub landlord and co-organiser of the race Mr. Sznajder said that he didn’t saw us at the food station so he gave as our banana rations

That how it all ends – our very first bikepacking adventure. We didn’t make it to the race and shot two birds with one stone but we all have some new experience under our belts now and we are much happier human beings!


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